Spandrel Panels

Save construction time & avoid any additional scaffolding costs.

Spandrel Panels By Fencehouse

Spandrel panels are engineered timber frame panels designed to fit the roof profile of trussed rafters. An excellent alternative to traditional gable ends and a perfect solution for separating walls within the roof space, these panels offer a cost effective and time saving alternative to masonry walls.

Here at Fencehouse Roof Truss Company, we make pre-fabricated spandrel panels with all the fire rated and acoustic properties needed to comply with Local Authority building regulations. We can provide your panels as part of your roofing structure, or as an individual order, but always in line with your exact requirements.

Spandrel panels are structural timber frame panels designed to match the profile of the roof and form the party and/or gable walls.

Our spandrel panels incorporate a specially-designed, factory-produced timber frame panel that are engineered to complete the construction of separating walls that would otherwise have to be constructed with masonry

Fencehouse Roof Truss Company’s spandrel panels are designed and fabricated off-site, removing the need for expensive and time consuming on-site masonry. Scaffolding costs are significantly reduced, and the need for cure-time before roof installation is removed.

Our Spandrel Panels:

- Satisfy all local authority regulations, NHBC requirements and Robust Details specifications.
- Match the associated trussed rafters, allowing continuity of work when installing the roof framing
- Enable coordinated delivery with roof truss rafters, ensuring minimal delays to your build programme
- Can be typically lifted into position and fixed within an hour, allowing the roof surface to be made watertight much more quickly than would normally be possible
- Eliminate the need for additional scaffolding with its associated health and safety risks
- Avoid the need to have bricklayers return to finish off walls once trussed rafters are in place
- Allow for an all-weather build (although care should be taken in high winds).


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